Getting ready for full time travel

Well, Joe and I are almost ready to hit the road. We’ve sold or given away much of our stuff, and the bus is just about done. We’ve taken her on a couple of trips to shake out any issues and I’m happy to report that issues are minimal!

To date, we’ve traveled to Chicago and back to Connecticut. We’ve been to Cape Cod, and we’ve done a weekend trip here in Connecticut. Maybe next month we’ll go somewhere that doesn’t begin with C!

Bozrah, CT
The whole fam

4 thoughts on “Getting ready for full time travel

  1. Hi Holly, I think we just met in East Haven, Connecticut. We were both stopped at a traffic light I was driving a dark colored Subaru Forrester and I grabbed your attention and mentioned are you guys traveling and I believe you said we will. I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you even though it was briefly and I wish you an Joe all the best in your travels, this is something that my wife and I have always wanted to do and it’s great to see that someone is living out there dreams to see this beautiful country we live in. I already said a prayer for you and Joe that the Lord would bless you on your travels and keep you safe and that you both will create memories that will live on forever you guys take care and travel safe and hopefully somewhere I’ll be able to see some pictures.
    God bless you both!

  2. Best wishes and safe travels Holly
    Sounds amazing!!
    I so mad at myself for not putting your farewell bus warming on the calendar I was going to come with my Brother Mike Wheatley.
    But at least I’ll be following your blog Can’t wait to see where your adventures take you.
    Fondly, Joanne Johnson

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