We’ve been living in the bus for a few weeks now. In this short time, we have had been showered with generosity and good vibes – most notably from dear friends Dave and Bob. Thank you, gentlemen.

We have also had difficult days, dealing intimately with weather and dealing with bus issues. We are also feeling a tug to hit the road ‘for real’ as we stay in a familiar local orbit.

Two days ago, our daughter Adrienne asked if we were happy. Most of all, I was grateful for the question and the love it embodied. Our answer was yes.

Our days involve a fair amount of driving. Who knew? On our way to Cape Cod, we stopped here for some supplies. I don’t want to be smug in our downsizing, but I was struck by this American tableau. I imagined people toiling for money, trudging to Walmart to spend it, and then wheeling it straight over to ExtraSpaceStorage without even bringing it home. I have thoughts like this.
Not too far from that Walmart was this lovely spot, provided by a Boondockers Welcome host. This was a four mile bike ride from Buzzards Bay, and near an Audubon Center.
With Hurricane Henri looming, we stress-laundered.
Our Boondockers Welcome hosts on Cape Cod were gracious and patient with us as we made parking changes leading up to the Hurricane. They offered us a spot in their house if things got ugly. These flowers, sage and tomatoes were gifts from their yard.
As I type this, looking out the bus windows at alpacas, yaks, hawks and more, I’m also reliving some stressful issues with the bus over the last few days. We are learning to handle things and to soak in the small joys as they come our way.

3 thoughts on “Ruminations

  1. What a lovely question from Adrienne! You nailed it – from Walmart to storage. Looking forward to your next post. We are leaving on southern adventure on Monday. We are a little nervous but definitely prepared. Safe wandering!

  2. I love you Mom and Dad. You both are shining examples of true love and what you have managed to accomplish this past year and a half is astounding. So proud of you both and it warms my heart to know that you are happy.

  3. So relieved to hear that you weren’t living in that Walmart parking lot. They would allow it, but I can’t imagine you would. Glad you made it through Henri.

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