Hudson Valley

Our trip to the Hudson Valley was anchored by our proximity to the Staatsburg Historic Site, where we saw this Gilded Age summer home. It struck us that we spend money to embalm these corpses as if viewing the overwrought detritus of our past will somehow transport us to grander things. This place could have so many other uses: artist retreat, shared work space, tinker lab. Anything but a gilded corpse.
We much preferred the Gardener’s House, now a garage for the upkeep of the mansion.
This is Holly’s rendering of the ”lordly Hudson, hardly flowing,” looking north from the Staatsburg Historic Site.
We enjoyed camping at Mills Norrie State Park. We moved to this higher spot to avoid flooding from TS Ida. Sandy has been a sanctuary in heavy weather.
Mills Norrie State Park, as rendered by Holly.
Staatsburg Public Library (not my pic). We have come to rely on public libraries for a variety of needs, mostly mundane. It strikes us a highlight of our culture that we maintain this system. Like out National Park system, our libraries show what selfless acts are possible when we legislate from a sense of community.
Part of our worry with nomadic life was that we would lose bonds with people we love. That may yet come to pass once we head west, but for now this life affords us more relaxed visits. Bob and Jeanne (Holly’s sister) let us moochdock, and showed us a lovely time walking and biking and eating. Thanks to Bob for his long arms and solid selfie technique.
Here’s a taste of the next chapter…

One thought on “Hudson Valley

  1. I like the old relics. A reminder of excesses and how I would not want to live.
    Libraries are my best friend, we moved around a lot and they were our anchor and a place to join a community.
    Your work is wonderful.

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