A Touch of Gatsby

Sandy enjoyed her first ferry ride from New London, CT to Orient Point, NY on the east end of Long Island. As members of the nouveau riche, we expected recriminations from the old money types – but none of that happened. We loved the area, and met plenty of lovely people. We were on the island for Holly’s last live painting job, at a wedding in Westhampton. That went swimmingly. The bride was surprised and overjoyed, and the family was appreciative and gracious. Fitzgerald’s maxim ’Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy’ thankfully didn’t play out.
Here is Holly putting the finishing touches on the wedding painting.
Part of bus life is handling strange new problems. In this case, I lost hi-speed windshield wiper functionality. I did my best to diagnose, order parts, and fix it. This part is the (actually one of two) wiper controllers. I replaced it and the switch – all to no avail. It turns out that merely unplugging and plugging back in the other module did the trick. Credit to Matt, a technician at Thermo King in North Haven, CT.
We received this anonymous gift at our campsite.
We’ve also been attending to Ponyboy’s health. Accessing care at a series of veterinary offices has been a challenge. We’ve once transported him by bicycle. After leaving Long Island, we stayed one night in a vet’s parking lot. He’s doing better, but we have to pay close attention from here on.
Eastern Long Island is farm country. The local corn did not disappoint.
We stayed at Indian Island County Park in Riverhead, NY. This video is within the park, where the Peconic River empties into Flanders Bay. Just lovely. We had string of absolutely perfect weather. The only blemish on the stay was the ice cream truck that made its way through the campground daily, playing a demonic jingle. It was so unnerving that I didn’t even think about buying ice cream. If you know me, you grasp the weight of that.
Having returned to the mainland (and attending to Ponyboy), we headed north. We stopped over at a Harvest Host – The Magic Fluke – in Sheffield, MA. Seeing a glimpse of the mountains got us primed for Vermont.

4 thoughts on “A Touch of Gatsby

  1. We loved the park itself. Our site had a river view and plenty of bird life. The overall area was busier and more congested with cars than I would have thought.

  2. Looks like such a fun way to travel. Stay safe and be well. Keep the pictures coming. I loved listening to the Long Island ocean 🥰
    Prayers for Ponyboy 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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