I Want To Walk In That Howling Wind…

I want to walk in that howling wind / ‘til it scatters all my thoughts / Sit alone on that river bank ’til I / Forget that I can talk / Just listen From Time Forgot by Conor Oberst. These lyrics and this picture capture what we’re seeking by being on the road: solitude, beauty, life on simple, natural terms. To reach this point took a series of steady steps and commitment on our part. This is a shot from the Big Branch Wilderness section of the Green Mountain National Forest. Our campsite in National Forest Road 10 was our first tiptoe into free federal dispersed camping.
To get to the wilderness, we had to build skills, like digging potatoes. I had to look up how to do this. Again – thanks to a wonderful Boondockers Welcome in Peru, MA for the veggies.
Not all outdoors fun is in the country. This is part of the excellent biking trails at Riverside Park in Pittsfield, MA.
As we crept upon our wilderness excursion, we had the chance to visit – with our dear friends Carl and Anna – the Blessing of the Dogs at New Skete Monastery in White Creek,NY. More and more we are heartened by meeting people who live well and with peaceful intent.
After visiting Ranger John at the Manchester, VT National Park Service office, we were off to the wilderness. Our first path was NFS Road 10 in Mount Tabor, VT.
The woods were lovely, dark and deep.
This is what we seek – a place to forget who we are. What a thing to be witness to the sunshine / What a dream just to be walking on the ground. From Hundreds of Ways by Conor Oberst.
Sandy is proud and pretty and ready for her next adventure!

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