Tiny Home Festival

So we’ve been dawdling in Florida while the rest of the country crusts over. Between our dread of going somewhere cold, and newfound pride in our door fabrication, we talked ourselves into exhibiting Sandy at the United Tiny Home Festival in St. Petersburg this past January 29 and 30. Yet again, we were humbled by the sweet, generous people living tiny in home, but gigantic in spirit.

The festival is run by John and Fin of the United Tiny House Association – https://unitedtinyhouse.com/. This was their 24th (?) festival, and they have donated over $700,000 from the proceeds. They are doing this for the right reasons. The exhibitors were comprised of 40 Skoolies, and another 30 tiny homes – ranging from tiny homes on wheels, coach buses, container homes, vans and box truck conversions.

This tiny home on wheels – The Frog – was built by Suzy in 38 days at a cost of $17,000. It is a testament to the determination that nomads bring to their builds. Check out her website https://www.golivtiny.com to see how she supports the tiny home community.
Here is a detail of our new door fabrication. We had the only Queen Nefertiti door handle in the show.

Over and over Holly and I say that we are overwhelmed by the young people living intentionally and tiny. Whether it was Emma, traveling in a Ford van, gardening, dancing, singing, or Zain and Julie thrust into bus life with little warning, or many others, we showed our appreciation for how they were making a huge impact our community.

We fell in love with the Circus of Purpose, and their band Unity Rising. This is a fluid collective of beautiful people who did amazing drumming, parading, yoga and singing, focusing mainly on the many nomadic kids at the festival. Find their page on Facebook.
This bus owned by Zain and Julie has a basketball hoop on the street side.

As always, we loved this social adventure. It energized us and made us feel part of something bigger. Yet, also as always, we needed to ’get the dust off our feet.’ We have since headed north and west. Soon as Texas thaws, you’ll find us on their beaches. Until then, y’all are in our hearts.

As much as we love our community, we need our space sometimes. See you soon!

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