Holly and Joe

Welcome to our blog for A Bus Named Sandy. As we type this, it is January of 2021, and we are seven months away from full time life in Sandy. Joe is winding down 20 years of teaching middle school language arts – a task that will echo for years to come, and Holly is reimagining how her artistic life will look living in 100 square feet.

Joe drills the first holes in the bus
Joe puts the first holes in the bus

Our heads are swimming with the minutiae of such a radical life change, but our primary vibe is gratitude. We are in the wonderful position of being able to retire as we approach 60, with a modest pension and visions of new adventures.

In our past travels – family camping with our two daughters and dear friends, or extended motorcycle trips – what captures our hearts are the out of the way places and the out of the way people we have encountered. We hope to capture some of those moments to share with you using poems, pics, general musings, tales of our fellow Americans, critters we meet – whatever grabs us.

Holly works on the Maxxair fan

As we finalize the build on Sandy, we couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishment. We have both extended ourselves and tackled bold, bloody projects to get her ready. We’ll document details of the build here. We can’t say what it will feel like to do this – what it means to arrive, to stay, to leave – but whatever it may be, we’ll share it here.

12 thoughts on “Holly and Joe

  1. Hey! I just saw your bus on the rd. We are going to 77 bank st. Hygienic art gallery. We have 2 free tickets to a solo musician from new orleans who comes from a funk band!

  2. Just saw Sandy on the road at Exit 244 on I 95 -south of Daytona Beach. We have been on the road with our Dodge van. Loving every day of retirement. Safe travels. 🚐

  3. It was great meeting you. Happy trails and may we meet again. Jack and I are heading north.

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