Pencil portraits of humans we meet

Sometimes the people I meet inspire me to create a portrait. I’d like to think that each of these humble pencil renderings tells a story

We shared a beautiful campsite with Stace ( at Mount Roosevelt in Deadwood, SD
We met this little guy in June. We are over the moon in love with our new grandson Tate.
Ranger Steve humanized the battle at Little Big Horn
Claire knew all about water management
Rod helps folks find work
You meet some of the best folks in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Jules and Ian are young nomads who give us hope for the future. They travel in their short skoolie named Halfpint junior.
Trudy owns a permanent cosmetics company and an awesome restored vintage travel trailer. She kindly hooked us up with some incense and a crystal for the bus.
We met Cole outside of Joe coffee shop in Payson, UT. He strummed and told us of his daughter whom he and his wife adopted at three days old.
Lalo sang a beautiful song at a karaoke bar in San Elizario, TX
Travis is the proprietor of Z-Bar Trading Co in Sanderson, TX
Abraham rowed us across the Rio Grande in the small town of Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico
Catherine, keeper of the Lawrence County Civic Center Museum
L Jaye told us about using red pepper powder to keep warm on a cold night
Alan made us a wonderful meal over his campfire
Jimmy kept the fire going all week long
Papa Joe tells stories
Norm will help anyone, anywhere, anytime

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