Pointing it South

Halloween had been a pivotal day on our calendar for months. For one, we celebrated Rebecca and Matt in costume. Portraying the Scottish thane with his Lady was a final nod to my teaching career in which I was – I shit you not – prevented from teaching Shakespeare. The day brought other changes as well. We finished our circuitous route around the northeast and finally got to point Sandy south. We made a final round of ‘see-you-laters’ and left.

We drove really hard to get south, but hit cold nonetheless. This is from a Harvest Host farm in Draper,VA. Despite freezing overnight temps, we got to enjoy a lovely bike ride and taking Ponyboy and Johnny for a lengthy walk in the farm’s ’Labyrinth’, a garden designed for walking meditation. The cats are now on IG @twobuffbuscats.

The Labyrinth at Merc Farms in Draper,VA

When we arrived in Knoxville,TN, we learned that disc golf is huge down there! There are parks all over. Holly and I played a nine-hole beginner level course at the Plumb Creek Dog Park and Disc Golf Course. What a fun place. I had no idea the sport had evolved to this degree. Naturally, we needed discs. Zach at Pluto Sports was a huge help with disc and park recommendations.

A fraction of the discs at Pluto Sports in Knoxville
I still got it!

Once again, we found ourselves at the home of gracious hosts in beautiful country. This is at Bromark Farm in Crossville, TN. Mark and Cindy have a spectacular 30 acre spread with all sorts of misfit animals – their term – living their best lives. They have two horses, a donkey named Gus who took a day to warm up to us, a goat, a sheep, a pig, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs, and no end of ducks.

We helped Mark and Cindy split wood. I also helped winterize one of their gardens.
Gifts from Bromark Farm – and Willomena the chicken.

We’ll be saying good bye to Chip tomorrow. He’s sorta blind and a little hard of hearing, but we think he’ll get the gist. We’re off to see more friends and family – and looking forward to some heavenly blues in Nashville. Watch for a music review next time. Til then …

3 thoughts on “Pointing it South

  1. So great to see you guys at the wedding! Sounds like you’re getting to meet some great people on your journey! Gotta ask, prohibited from teaching Shakespeare???????

  2. I love those costumes. So fun. Livin off the land! Sounds so peaceful. The picture of the tree behind the bus is stunning. I love all your pics. Keep them coming!

  3. I can’t believe you weren’t allowed to teach Shakespeare!

    Knoxville is a lovely city. I don’t know much about disc golf but it looks fun. Every once in a while I see a course on my travels.

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